It was really just a dream.  It certainly wasn’t something I thought we could make happen, not with our busy schedules and financially-strapped wallets.

Yet somehow, by the grace of God and one free plane ticket, I made it there.  So we did what good friends do…we set out to fulfill the goal

we hit the coast, BABY!!!!

IMG_7445 edit

IMG_7458 edit

IMG_7468 edit

…and we had a blast.  A swim-in-the-ocean-at-midnight, play-Farkle-in-the-sand kind of blast.  A laugh-until-we-cry, drink-wine-from-the-bottle kind of blast.  A hug-so-hard-we-almost-fall-over-because-we-miss-each-other-on-a-minute-by-minute-basis kind of blast.  A you’re-the-greatest-friend-no-you’re-the-greatest-friend kind of blast.



~ by jenifriend on October 20, 2009.

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