We didn’t expect to do this, yet God dealt us a purty hand the day we went to the fair.  It rained and poured, which presented just enough water (and humidity) for there to be puddles.  So I grabbed my niece and nephew and showed them how to do it.  Clearly this was their first time……novices.  I yelled “Jump!” and they looked at me.  Weird Auntie J….that look. So I jumped.  The water splashed up around our ankles.  They laughed and slightly tapped their toes to…you know…check it out.  I began jumping…over and over and over and over again.  All at once, as if some childlike reminder popped into their beautiful brains…they snapped.  Jump!!  Jump!!  Jump!!  Jump!!  Without much notice from those passing by…me and my favorite kiddos made yet another memory (not to mention fulfilled a 101 in 1001).

Photos provided by the lovely Kristen of Kristen Murphy Photography.






~ by jenifriend on August 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “{13}”

  1. I am in LOVE with the second to last photo…

  2. I absolutely adore these photos. You look like you’re having a blast!!! WOOT!

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