I did it.  I made it through 24 hours of time with the niece and nephew!!  At only four months difference in age, I was blatantly reminded of the fun, and challenges, that having children so close in age can produce.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking, and at the end I’ll share my favorite moments with my favorite babies!  🙂

IMG_6622 edit

IMG_6639 edit

First we enjoyed some fun at the playground…

IMG_6698 edit

Then we walked home together.  I had to carry Ms. Gracie, though…she got blisters.  No bueno.  😦

IMG_6775 edit

IMG_6780 edit

Then we put on our aprons and made some pizza ala english muffin-style.

Then there was bath time…but those pictures are left to the parents only.  🙂

Then we threw on a movie and enjoyed popcorn. Two kinds to be exact: Extra Butter…and Kettle Corn (my fave).

And because I couldn’t leave these out…our favorite Caeden/Grace conversations:

Grace: *enters bathroom*  “What are you doing Caeden?”
Caeden: *sitting on toilet*  “I’m pooping, Gracie.”
Grace: “Oh yay!  You can do it!!  Go poopy in the potty!”
Caeden: *giggles*  “I’m trying!”
Grace: *walks over to observe Caeden’s progress*  “Yay!  You pooped (pronounced poop-id) in the potty! *grabs a piece of toilet paper and proceeds to wipe Caeden’s bum*  “Okay, come on!”
Caeden: “Thank you?” (really this was stated in the form of a question…I would’ve been in shock too if someone else wiped my bum for me!)

Jeni: “Okay we’re going to go to church here soon.”
Caeden & Grace: *in unison*  “Yay church!”
Jeni: “Caeden do you love church?”
Caeden: *smiles*  “Yeah.”
Jeni: “Do you love Jesus?”
Caeden: *smiles even bigger*  “Yeah.”
Grace: *screaming at the top of her lungs, hands in air, dancing in circles*  “I LOVE JESUS!  I LOVE JESUS!”
Jeni: *doing everything to contain herself*  “Jesus loves you too Gracie!”



~ by jenifriend on June 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “{10}”

  1. I’m so laughing over here. Great pics. I can’t wait to see the rest of my little man. So uh – the apron pic?! Totally looks like Ben. I mean – totally..

  2. First those sweet pics, then those sweet words… in the bathroom, no less. Tooo funny!

  3. Ok I just went back to look at these. The one where Caeden is looking up at Herm makes my heart melt. Sigh. He loves his Uncle J.

  4. You both look like naturals to me.

    And by the way…Cammie chose Gracie for a girl…

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