Ahh to be a kid again.  The freedom that comes with youth, oblivious to the sorrows of the world, and enjoying the simple things in life.  Running until you drop, laughing until your sides hurt, romping around the playground without inhibition.  These are the days I remember, and live vicariously through my niece and nephew to return back to.  Upside down, arms hanging overhead…I feel free.  All of my screaming fears and stresses are reduced to a murmur, and calmness perseveres.  Little hands holding mine, little people giggles and little people conversations remind me that things don’t always have to be quite as complicated as I make them out to be.  And life can be just as joyous for us adults as they make it out to be.

IMG_6607 edit

Go be a monkey.  Hang upside down.  Let loose.  You can thank me later for the momentary change it brings.  🙂



~ by jenifriend on June 1, 2009.

7 Responses to “{23}”


    Okay…next time Sophie asks me to jump on the big “trump-line” with her (the little “trump-line” is a small one for exercise), I’m totally gonna’ do it! So what if my bladder fails me! 😉

  2. This picture totally reminds me of those black and white pictures (which I still have!) that we took in 9th grade on the playground in our bathing suits. Man we were so cool then, weren’t we trying to mimic a Calvin Klein ad or something? Those were the days.

  3. Love it! I like how all the blood rushed to your head! LOL! How the heck did you keep your shirt up?! I always had that problem. I loved the monkey bars at school!!!

  4. You are hilarious!

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